Newsletter 11-08-14 – A Clean Beach – Last Look

Welcome back to the beach and the annual departure of the Sargassum, “the genus may be best known for it’s planktonic (free-floating) species”! The super sized seaweed invasion this summer has finally left us. It came in April and continued through October.

A beach re-nourishment project is scheduled for “the near future” to rebuild our beach with new sand. In the mean time, I thought you would like to see a Sargassum free beach now before the dump trucks and …

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Newsletter 9-15-14 – Rocks!

With the beach being a mess all summer long, many folks have asked me “what is there to do on Galveston now?” I have many answers, most of which do not fall into the Galveston Tourism Guide Books. For example; don’t pay for a tour to see dolphins in the bay, take the Bolivar ferry, it’s free, there is more room, it’s easy and the dolphins are still there. Another suggestion is rocks… yes I said ROCKS. Seawall at Fort …

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