Association Dues

Dues and how to pay them are on their own page, here.


Information on board elections, director term length and more can be found here:

Seascape Bylaws Article 5

Board Meetings


Meeting agendas can be found here: Meeting Agendas


Meeting minutes can be found here: Meeting Minutes


Meeting exhibits, where applicable, can be found here: Meeting Exhibits

Audio Recordings

Meeting recordings, where applicable, can be found here: Meeting Audio


Below is information on projects run by or affecting Seascape.

Past, Current And Future Projects

Beach Re-nourishment (Completed Feb 2015)

Beach Dune Crossover (Completed Feb 2015)

Balcony Rebuild (Completed Mar 2015)

Other Island Projects Impacting Seascape

Ongoing Service Contracts

Cable Bulk Contract


Financial information is stored on our server and is organized by year. Each year's link below will take you to such information as is available for that year.

Proposed Capital Reserve Study

Information on the proposed capital reserve action, including reports and inventory, can be found here: Capital Reserve - please note that these are proposals and final plans will be posted when available should this go forward.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation not found above can be found in our Document Archive.


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