Due to security concerns, we have removed our former online form submission systems and replaced them with new PDF forms that must be filled out and emailed or faxed back. All (but one) of our forms are in "fillable form" PDF format - that is, you don't have to print them out to complete the form by hand. You can open them in almost all PDF reader programs, most tablets, smartphones, and so on. Once you fill out the form on your computer or device you can save the changes to submit the form by email or you can print it if you prefer.

Contact Information Form

Please use this form to update your contact information so you can be notified of any emergencies, special events, news or important changes at Seascape. Your information will be used only by the Seascape HOA and its designated agents; it will not be released to any other parties.

Contact Information Change Form

Key Release Form

This form must be used if you would like the HOA to issue a key to a guest or other person you would like let into your condo when you are not there. A key will not be issued unless this form is fully completed and on file.

Key Release Form

Parking Pass Application/Occupancy Notification Form

Use this form to enable our security to prepare parking passes in advance so there will be little delay when you and/or guests arrive. We also encourage owners that are coming down to complete and file this form so in case of an emergency, disaster or evacuation order, we have a list of who is where in the complex.

Parking Permit/Occupancy Notification Form

Contractor Guidelines Form

This form must be signed and physically on file with the HOA for any contractor doing work inside a unit; as such it is not in "fillable" format - it cannot be edited, only printed. Each contractor is required to have this physically on file with us before commencing work.

Contractor Guidelines Form


Below are links to commonly requested documentation, including insurance documents, ADA compliance information and more. HOA business documentation such as contracts can be found on the HOA Business page.

Comcast XFINITY Cable TV Channel Lineup

This is the current (as of 2018) XFINITY channel list in PDF format.

2018 XFINITY TV Channel Line-up

Insurance Policies And Documentation

Please contact our property management company using the details below for this information.

Etheredge Property Management
3206 Palmer Hwy
Texas City, TX 77590

Gate Codes

We apologize, but due to security concerns we no longer publish the gate codes openly on the internet. If you would like a copy of the current gate codes, please contact the HOA using the contact form here and we will be happy to verify your identity then email you the codes.

ADA Compliance Information

As of March 15, 2012, ADA compliance is required for all new construction and alterations under Title II and III of the Americans With Disabilities Act. For your convenience, we have a copy of the currently used 2010 standards hosted here.

2010 ADA Standards PDF

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