Board Meeting minutes April 17, 2019

The Board of Directors met, April 17, 2019, at 10811 San Luis Pass Rd. On site office. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by President Clyde Steddum. All Directors were present and Bill Etheredge represented Etheredge Property Management.
President Remarks:
1. President Steddum will make remarks at the end of the meeting
2. Concerns on parking
There were no conflicts of interested noted.

Owners Forum:
1. Unit 2213 Don Meade
a. consider adding staffing maintenance duties, suggestion of twice a week and one person doing spot painting
b. Wants Board to consider replacing lattice work that screen A/C units
2. Unit2314 Mark Zehler
a. Internet reviews reflects on Seascape and the rental companies services–that can also reflect on Seascape HOA
b. Rental companies- not giving good information to renters on Seascape Rules & Regulations
c. Mark spoke on need for and his support of new parking fee and need to make plan for 2nd auto fee
3.Unit 1317 Dorothy Sutton
a. echoes Mark Zehler on getting good information out to renters
b. Ask Board to consider publishing and owner information list with contact information
4. Unit 2108 Frank Deal
a. Frank asks about current website in regards to registration for guest vehicles
b. He also asks about updating the rules on car,
trailer and motorcycles.

Ron Benotti and Clyde Steddum expressed concern over publishing owner information without permission
but the Board will take it under advisement. There was a general discussion on painting issues caused by weather.

Discussion and consideration of action for Board Meeting Minutes
a. Reading & Approval of Minutes of January 26, 2019 meeting: Motion to approve the January 26, 2019 minutes was made by Ron Benotti and seconded by Jan Schmiel

Treasure’s Financial Report by Steve Schrakamp
1. Account Balances
2. Special Assessment Collection
a. collections were reviewed with the Board
3. Financial Reports
4. Reserve Study
5. Outstanding bills and upcoming expenses. Reported all bills are current
6. Delinquent fees: to be reviewed in Executive Session
7. Noted 2018 Tax Extension has been filed, and 2018 in underway
8. White parking pass fee income is up 14% of the income for the HOA and blue passes are possible but are not included in the budget
9. Quarter transfer to reserves not done- due to expenses of roof project
10. Advised the Board of $400,000 +/- in insurance renewal for September, they will need to be bid on. EPM and Clyde Steddum will work on bids
11.Coments on budget projections for the year should be close to forecast
12. Parking fees down this quarter but March collections were better. Clyde just finished review and should be $8000.
13. General discussion and collection plan. Clyde Steddum will discuss with the Attorney
Motion to approve treasurer’s report was made by Beverly Ogle and seconded by Ron Benotti. The motion carried

Management Report: Bill Etheredge gave the following report:
1. Maintenance report
2. General
a. Units Pending
1. Unit 1304 $160,000
3. Units for Sale
1. Unit 1218, $168,500
2. Unit 1119, $169,900
3. Unit 2115, $278,000
4. Unit 2101, $280,000
4. Correspondence
a. letter on handrails
b. E-Mail Mark Zehler
General discussion on correspondence followed. Clyde Steddum commented on the quality of work done by staff. He noted that sand is coming in this year for Park Area as the state is working on the heavy erosion at the end of the Seawall. Clyde has been asked to rejoin the Parks Board committee on erosion.

Committee Reports;
1. Finance committee chaired by Steve Schrakamp see Treasures report
2. Disaster Recovery Committee chaired by Ron Benotti- No Report
3. Future of Seascape- chaired by Jan Schmiel -No Report
4. Landscape Committee chaired by Beverly Ogle
a. She is working to stay on budget and will be moving some plants to save money
b. The landscaping company is doing well as weather improves will look over what improvements will help
5. Property Committee chaired by Clyde Steddum
a. Clyde reported on the Sand Project for the island in 2019.

Old Business
1. Discussion and consideration of increase in parking fees
a. General discussion on parking passed. Blue pass fee put on hold until Board can meet to discuss plan

New Business
1.Discussion and consideration of pet policy on website
a. General discussion. Board agreed to a notice that no dogs are allowed on the property
b. Steve Schrakamp will discuss revising the dog policy with the WebMaster
2. Discussion and consideration of Board approval for non-emergency maintenance expenditures in excess of set limit
a. EPM, per contract, is limited to $1,000
b. EPM will cc Board on all overages
c. President Clyde Steddum will poll Board for approval
3. Discussion and consideration for response to E-Mails and complaints in a timely manner.
a. Ron Bennotti will be the point person, he will have help from Steve Schrakamp on accounting
b. The Board will input and EPM will assist
4. Discussion and consideration of Roof Contract Update
a. Roof completed and A/C tie downs are alsmot complete. New beam is set and third floor. EPM provided a sample of roofing material with 20 year warranty. WPI-8 has been filed.
5. Discussion and consideration of CRX update
a. General Discussion on cost-application on hold till after September due to high seasonal traffic
b. Staff will continue to monitor garage ceiling
6. Discussion and consideration of HOA website communications
a. Steve Schrakamp will get with Webmaster, Website needs new password.
7. Discussion and consideration of parking permits
a. See old business
8. Discussion and consideration of provider contracting
a. Need to bid out insurance and utilities, EPM will work on bids
9. Discussion and consideration of Seascape sign cost and repainting option
a. EPM will send information to Board on sources of signs. $8,000 – $12,000 is available special assessment to fund sign
b. EPM to get with staff about touching up current sign.

Future agenda items; none noted

President Clyde Steddum made a motion for adjournment regular meeting to hold executive session at 12:07. Ron Benotti seconded the motion and the motion carried.

The general meeting was re opened at 1:09pm by Ron Benotti.

Discussion Items:
1. Discussion of our Property One comment by Owner Mark Zehler on expenditures over $1,000 without Board approval
a. Discussion of posting quarterly financials by Treasurer
b. Jan Schmiel to chair newsletter for owners
c. Ron Benotti will be a point of contact to assist owner inquires or refer to Board for further assistance.
d. Steve Schramap will continue to work on acquiring the best contact info for all owners. EPM will assist
2. Discussion on options and alternatives with regards to Parking Fee Proposal
a. Board agrees with no exceptions that additional blue or white passes, on first come first served basis, will cost $11 per night. Effective date March 1, 2019. Kurt and staff will provide billing information to Treasurer will bill out. Policy will posted on web site and an email blast to owners will be sent.
b. The Board will wait to finalize the policy until feedback from owners is processed and subsequent Board vote vial email is complete.

Executive meeting adjourned at 1:08pm

Regular meeting called back to order at 1:09pm
Owner Mark Zehler comments on expenditures over $1,000 without Board approval

The next board meeting is to be scheduled at a later date, to be held at Seacape office and date posted on web site

There being no further business, Beverly Ogle made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1;10pm. Jan Schmiel seconded the motion, the motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 1;10pm.