SEASCAPE OWNERS ASSOCIATION Rules and Regulations 2020

Please be reminded that a copy of the Seascape Rules and Regulations will be given to each guest when they receive their parking permit.

Rules and regulations are to be followed by all Guests and Owners.

PETS: None allowed. Violators will be asked to board the pet or leave the premises.

PARKING: Cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles only. Permits must be properly displayed.

TOWING: Vehicles improperly parked will be towed at owner’s expense.

REGISTERED GUEST AGE LIMIT: Minimum age is 21. Violators will be asked to leave the premises.

NO HOUSE PARTIES: Sorority, fraternity, or youth groups are allowed with prior approval and within the restrictions of the stated number of guests per unit limits.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF DAY OR NIGHT GUESTS: 6 per one bedroom unit; 8 per two bedroom unit.

NOISE: Loud music, abusive behavior or obscene language is not allowed.

BEACH NOISE: Loud noise on the beach is not allowed and is to be reported to the authorities if not stopped.

FIRES: Absolutely no fires or barbecues are permitted on premises.

FIRES ON THE BEACH: Beach fire or barbecues are permitted on the beach by law, only if contained in a barbeque metal container. People preparing or burning illegal fires should be asked to put them out and authorities called if they refuse.

FIREARMS: Not permitted on premises.

POOL WRIST BANDS: Must be worn by all persons over the age of eight (8) when on premises.

TRASH: Unit trash is to be placed in the dumpster.

RAILING: Nothing should be hung on the railing, including towels, bathing suits, clothing etc.

POOL FURNITURE: No pool furniture is to be removed from the pool area. Pool furniture is not to be put in the pool. No personal umbrellas or tents allowed on property.

RUNNING, PLAYING CATCH, SKATEBOARDING, ROLLERBLADING: Not permitted on property.  This includes football, Frisbee, baseball etc.

FEEDING SEAGULLS: Absolutely not permitted on premises.  Any activity should be stopped immediately.


  • No running or horseplay
  • No headfirst diving
  • No ball or games if it infringes on the other guests
  • No glass containers within the pool enclosure
  • No children under age eight (8) in the hot tub
  • No rings, floats or rafts in the hot tub
  • Pregnant women should consult with a physician before using the hot tub
  • Swimmers must wear proper attire.  No cutoff shorts, jeans or street clothes in the pool/spa
  • Music players of any kind must be used with earphones.  Playing radios/ music from balconies is not allowed
  • Children under age twelve(12) must be accompanied by an adult
  • Swimming diapers are recommended for children wearing diapers