Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 19, 2019

The BOD met October 19,2019 at the on site office

I. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 10AM by President Clyde Steddum. All board members were present and also Carol and Bill Etheredge, and Leslie Duke, represented Etheredge Property Management.
II. Roll call and declaration of Quorum: President Clyde Steddum announced that a quorum was in place. All members of the Board were present and polled.
III. Conflicts of Interest: There were no conflicts of interest noted.
IV. Presidents remarks: Clyde made the following remarks:
Kurt and his crew are doing an outstanding job washing garage floors,keeping the flowers and ground looking well. Hats off to the maintenance crew and Bill Etheredge. Hurricane season is almost over. Seascape began the last hurricane season with few reserves. How much is needed for the reserves when going into Hurricane season has been discussed frequently. This year Seascape went into Hurricanne season with $500,000 in the coffers, which left little for reserves, as insurance alone is $360,000 +/-. Additionally,if there were a Hurricanne, the bills continue, even if the property is severely damaged. It was scary to the Board to go into Hurricanne season with no reserves. Seascape’s Beach is the highest Beach errosion on the island eroding at 8′ in 10 yrs.The next Beach re nourishment is not known. Seascape reaps the benefit of the Beach but it is eroding quickly.The next project will begin at the end of the Seawall, so the area including will be dates set.
FM3005 is going to be raised to a level 6′ from the end of the Seawall to San Luis Pass. SAn Luis Pass will be part of the proposed Ike Dike. At present the highest part of FM3005/ San Luis Pass Road is 29″ above sea level. State representatives have requested from President Trump a $10 Billion contribution to the project which will total $14 Billion. There are a lot of parking issues. In the City,hotels have raised parking rates from $10-15/night to $35/night. Parking fees are an asset to the HOA, as in parking, and those fees help keep other Association fees down.if owners don’t want to pay the surcharge parking fees then the Association dues will need to be raised.There is no profit to the HOA- it goes for paying the guards. CIty of Galveston raised parking on the Seawall to $15. if there is open parking at Seascape, allowing
G friends to use the owners Pass gives them the right to free parking and use of all facilities. the surcharge is 14% of the annual revenue, which should be passed on to and paid by the renters, or should be included in the rental cost. A fourth cruise ship is coming to Galveston. THe Parks Board
Anticipates 8 million tourists in Galveston in 2019. THere will be fewer parking spaces when the fourth cruise line begins. SEascape has lower fees than most condos on the island. DIamond Beach is $1200/mo and Palasaide Palms is $1800/mo.
V. Owners Forum: owners present were Laura and Robert Bandy (1108, 2313),Barbara Polk (2106,2206) Nancy Sweatt(2212) via Zoom, and Don Meade(2213) BarbaraPolk made objections that she did not receive any monies after Hurricanne Ike. One of the guards as asleep in the guard shed and another Guard was belligerent to her and put a ticket on her car (she did not have her parking pass) Two weeks in a row she could not find a luggage cart at Building 2. When it rains, the water on her balcony comes with in one inceof entering her unit. Commercial gutters are needed. She was defrauded on Facebook.
Robert and Laura Bandy: The parking charge is too high to charge the renters, when they already pay a lot of money to come to Seascape. Parking is the only item that is an issue. One car should be included in renting the unit. Replacing the owner’s parking pass at a cost of $50 is too high.By having parking so high it will deter people from renting. Nancy Sweatt: She is upset about the parking fees. In Hawaii, no one charges, or they charge less than Seascape. The floor was closed to the Owner’s Forum
VI Review of Minutes from 7/20/19 meeting had been previously reviews by the Board and the. Minutes were approved.
VII Treasurers Report: Account Balances as of 10/18/19:
Moody General Maintenance $1,498.21
TFBTC. $131,466.32
Moody General Reserves $ 58,218.07
Moody Insurance Reserves. $. 312.66
Moody Disaster Reserves. $ 67,257.78
Other reports submitted were Special Assessment Collection Update, Financial Reports, Grisham Reimbursement, Outstanding Bills and Upcoming Expenses, and Delinquent Fees. General Notes: The Insurance has just been paid which is why the Moody Insurance revenues is low.The income for the Association is up due to more rigorous collection guidelines for the Association. expenses are down from the 3rd quarter. A budget will be made by years end. $136,000 has been collected from the nightly surcharge, compared to $90,000 last year. Motions were made and seconded to approve the Tresaures report. Motion passed 5-0.
VIII Management Report: Areas discussed were the Elevator, Fire System, repairs of wood rot out side of units,and the purchase of a thermal camera to determine leaks behind walls. NEw Owners, Units pending sale, units for sale, correspondence, lawn care bids and palm tree trimming.
IX Committe Reports: Finance Committe-Treasures Report,Disaster Recovery- No Report at this time, Future of Seascape-No Report at this time, but homeowner The Bandy’s and The Sweatt’s have volunteered to help. Landscape Committee- bids for landscape contracts will be reviewed and presented to the Board Property Committee- same information as in President’s Report
X Old Business- Discussion and consideration of action regarding updating the Declaration and ByLaws:until such time that the Reserve Fund has grown, the updating will be put off.
DIscussion and consideration of CRX plan. Discussion and consideration of the website. Discussion and consideration of Audit. Discussion and consideration of of replacement lattice work on roof.
XI New Business- Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 25,2020, at The Rosenberg Library at 10AM in the Wortham Auditorium.
President Clyde Steddum adjourned the meeting at 12:20PM and the Board went into Executive Session. The Board discussed delinquent account and collection practices meeting was brought back to order at 12:45PM.
XII Future Agenda Iems- none noted
XIII Next Meeting- Annual meeting January 25,2020 at Rosenberg Library as noted above.
XIV Adjournment- Being no further Business the motion was made and seconded for adjournment The motion carried 5-0 and Meeting was adjourned at 1:03PM.