Board of Directors Mtg Minutes July 20,2019

The Board of Directors met July 20,2019 at the on site office. Meeting called to order by President Clyde Steddum at 10:22 am. Directors present were Ron Benotti and Beverly Ogle. Steve Schrakamp was en route, and Jan Schmiel attended by telephone. Carol and Bill Etheredge represented Etheredge Property Management.
There was a quorum in person and by telephone. No conflicts of interest noted.

President Steddum discussed sand issues: installation of a device at the end of the Seawall to attract sand, which would trap the sand moving out,retain it,help to create more beaches; there is are nourishment program toward the end of summer,which will put sand between 61st and 81st Streets;and the local chapter of the American Beach and Shor Association,whose President is Jerry Mohn, is holding a meeting at the Galveston Convention Center on August 14th. President Steddum also discussed the possibility of the Battleship Texas being moved from LaPorte to Galveston or Chorpus Christi,which has not been decided. He had petitions which were available for signature and/or to take so persons could collect signatures. President Steddum also mentioned the upcoming City of Galveston mayoral race.

OWNERS FORUM Owners present were John and Sandy Kern (1207),Margaret Steddum (2211),Kelsey Maxson (2221) and representing ABSea. There were no comments from the owners present.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Ron Benotti and seconded by Beverly Ogle.
Motion passed 4-0

1. Account Balances: Moody General Maintenance $1,395.25, TFBTC Operating Account $131,138.44, Moody General Reserves $58,219.06, Insurance Reserves $225,225.69, Moody Disaster Reserve 67,158.69, Total $483,136.68
2. Special Assessments Collection Update : 2016 Assessment paid in Full, 2017 Assessment $5996.21 outstanding, 2019 Assessment outstanding $17,799.76 ( 17 assessments still outstanding)
3. financial reports as of 6/30/2019. Balance Sheet $714,370.05,Profits & Loss by Class 1/19 through 6/19, A/R Aging Summary by Largest Balance.
4. Grisham Reimbursement Total $5000 Paid $4700 Two owners won’t pay $150 each. This will be billed back to the owners on their accounting.
5. Outstanding Bills and Upcoming Expenses-Steve Schrakamp reported that all bills are current. Coming in September, an estimated $350,000 will be due and payable for insurance.
6. Delinquent fees. Association fees $41,172.50, surcharge fee(2018 + past)$17,482.00, surcharge fee (2019) $20,599.76″Special Assessmenrs as noted in item #2.
Collection procedures: current and Attorney suggested.
7.Special Assessment Funds Balances $122,459 Roof Replacement $52,500 remaining and $52,340 CRX $50,760 actual cost
Motion to approve report made by Ron Benotti and seconded by Beverly Ogle passed 5-0.

MANAGEMENT REPORT By Bill Etheredge was presented with a Maintence overview. Units pending are 1119, 2118,2005 and 2321 all at $169,900. Unit for Sale 2101 $280,000. NO correspondence. Lawn care Bids: Current Lawn Service- no bid and Brookwa Landscape Proposal.

Treasury chaired by Steve Schrakamp- previous notes
Disaster Recovery chaired by Ron Benotti-no report
Landscape Committee chaired by Beverly Ogle- reviewed performance of current landscaping contractor. There was a general discussion concerning the existing bid. It was decided that Beverly Ogle and Carol Etheredge would meet with Jim Amos of Brockway on site to discuss bid in more detail.
Future of Seascape chaired by Jan Schmiel- Jan is polling members of Seascape Owners Assoc and given suggestions such as: utilize the green space more fully, allow weddings in the picnic/ barbecue area, put in a shuffleboard court, put in a volleyball court, create various seating clusters around the property to draw crowd from pools, create a raised deck with table and chairs. This is”wish” list and Jan will be drawing up a more detailed list for consideration.
Property committee chaired by Clyde Steddum – the Association office remains empty one-quarter of the time, excess storage spaces are rented to ABSea, by closing in under the satires, more storage spaces could be created and rented. WAshers no dryers now belonging to the Association are garnering $7000, which is upfrom $2500 received from the vending company, weddings could be allowed to be held on the property, the largest property is the rental office In the past there were few rental companies and now there are 52 companies on property. THis puts a strain on guards, keeping track of parking. POposed buying a computer for guard shack, with data base and easy excel program for check in for guests and owners. Eventually can go to hand scanner system.

1. Discussion and consideration regarding the update of the Declaration and ByLaws. Bill Etheredge will contact Attorney Rick Miller for a price to amend the Declaration and ByLaws as per red-line he provided last year. This was tabled until January 2020.
2. Discussion and consideration of status of Parking policy. Possible implementation of the $11 parking space system, outside of owners, with $10 to hold a spot, which is billed to unit
3. DIscussion and consideration of Seascape sign- it has been rehabbed the maintenance crew and looks great
4. Discussion of CRX plan and funding – getting an updated bid as well as establishing a time.ine during off-season to proceed with the project. None of the areas that have already been done needto be redone. But will probably be a normal expense every three years.
5 Discussion and consideration of website – pet policy not updated yet. Steve Schrakamp will get with webmaster to allow access as administrators to the website, at which time a new-less involved pet policy will be written, reviewed by attorney and the Board, and will be out on the website.
6. Discussion and consideration of insurance company comparisons- in process Discussion for bidding the insurance for Seascape with two other companies besides GIA. There are Holub and Champion..waiting on information from both.

1. Discussion and consideration of A/C lattice work- tabled until after busy season
2. 10-year employee award-Isidro Sanchez- oneweeks vacation or one weeks pay. bill will also take staff out to eat.
Jan Schmiel checked out of meeting at 12:30. There was still a quarem.
President Clyde Steddum adjourned the meeting at 12:39 pm and Board went into Executive Session.
The Board discussed new guidelines for late assessments,fees, and surcharge fees , prepared by Ron Benotti. A motion was made to establish a delinquent account procedure as of this date. Motion passed 4-0.
Board discussed consolidation of management and accounting. Motion was made to consolidate management and accounting under Etheredge Property Management beginning
September 1, 2019.Motion passed 3 for and one abstaining. Clyde called the Board meeting back to order. THere were no further agenda items noted. Next Board meeting is scheduled for October 12,2019 at the on site office at 9 am.
There being no further business, Ron Benotti made motion for adjournment at 2:32pm. President Clyde Steddum seconded the motion and it carried 4-0