Newsletter 5-3-14 – Seaweed Cleanup

The beach was as full of seaweed as the Seascape parking lot was full of cars. A pretty full house with 87 cars in the parking lot. A full beach of seaweed 4′ high (after it compressed for a few days), 65′ deep and across the whole island.

We watched in dismay the past couple of days when Dellanera Park brought out the heavy front end loaders to remove the seaweed and basicly wreaked their beach in the process of scraping the seaweed up along with the beach sand and leaving a mud pit.

After consultation with the Parks Board and Texas A&M Marine Biology, we took a different approach. The HOA Board and Kurt and interested parties conferred and initiated an environmentally friendly tactic which preserved our beach front, satisfied our guests and brought smiles to all with the result. No, the seaweed is not gone, we need it, but the beach has been raked in critical areas so it is usable and the seaweed left where it can do the most good for us long term… on the shoreline to stop erosion and back to our property to cover the exposed bulkhead wall.

The cleanup crews were working until 3am this morning. My personal thanks for their work!