Seascape Homeowner’s Association Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 1 | Issue 1 February, 2019

Welcome to the newest communication tool from your Seascape Homeowners Association. In the future in these newsletters the Association will be referred to as the HOA. This document is meant to provide a synopsis of your HOA board of directors activity.

NEWSLETTER As promised, this newsletter will be sent after every quarterly board meeting. Board meetings are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month following the close of each quarter.

2019 HOA Board Meeting Schedule (tentative)
Saturday, April 13, …

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Newsletter 11-08-14 – A Clean Beach – Last Look

Welcome back to the beach and the annual departure of the Sargassum, “the genus may be best known for it’s planktonic (free-floating) species”! The super sized seaweed invasion this summer has finally left us. It came in April and continued through October.

A beach re-nourishment project is scheduled for “the near future” to rebuild our beach with new sand. In the mean time, I thought you would like to see a Sargassum free beach now before the dump trucks and …

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Newsletter 9-15-14 – Rocks!

With the beach being a mess all summer long, many folks have asked me “what is there to do on Galveston now?” I have many answers, most of which do not fall into the Galveston Tourism Guide Books. For example; don’t pay for a tour to see dolphins in the bay, take the Bolivar ferry, it’s free, there is more room, it’s easy and the dolphins are still there. Another suggestion is rocks… yes I said ROCKS. Seawall at Fort …

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