2019 Annual Meeting – Important Documents

The HOA Board has uploaded several documents of importance for the 2019 Annual Meeting on January 26, 2019. All documents are in PDF format for universal viewing.

First is a letter from the Board regarding proposed special assessments and other matters to be presented at the meeting; click here for the January 10, 2019 letter from the Seascape HOA Board regarding these.

The 2019 Seascape Annual Membership Proxy form as mentioned in the above letter can be found here. There is also a separate proxy form for voting on the special assessments, found here. Both forms are required if you wish to absentee vote upon both issues. If you wish to email these forms back in, email them to president@seascapehoa.com.

Finally, Jan Schmiel is standing for election to the HOA Board. Her candidacy statement can be read here.