Newsletter 11-08-14 – A Clean Beach – Last Look

Welcome back to the beach and the annual departure of the Sargassum, “the genus may be best known for it’s planktonic (free-floating) species”! The super sized seaweed invasion this summer has finally left us. It came in April and continued through October.

A beach re-nourishment project is scheduled for “the near future” to rebuild our beach with new sand. In the mean time, I thought you would like to see a Sargassum free beach now before the dump trucks and …

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Newsletter 9-15-14 – Rocks!

With the beach being a mess all summer long, many folks have asked me “what is there to do on Galveston now?” I have many answers, most of which do not fall into the Galveston Tourism Guide Books. For example; don’t pay for a tour to see dolphins in the bay, take the Bolivar ferry, it’s free, there is more room, it’s easy and the dolphins are still there. Another suggestion is rocks… yes I said ROCKS. Seawall at Fort …

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Newsletter 5-3-14 – Seaweed Cleanup

The beach was as full of seaweed as the Seascape parking lot was full of cars. A pretty full house with 87 cars in the parking lot. A full beach of seaweed 4′ high (after it compressed for a few days), 65′ deep and across the whole island.

We watched in dismay the past couple of days when Dellanera Park brought out the heavy front end loaders to remove the seaweed and basicly wreaked their beach in the process of …

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Newsletter 4-28-14 – The Sargassum Is Back With A Vengeance

Welcome to the beach and the annual arrival of the Sargassum, “the genus may be best known for it’s planktonic (free-floating) species”! The seaweed has arrived. It came in Saturday morning early and continued through Sunday. Clyde and Kurt took measurements this morning. It’s 4′ 6″ high and 40′ wide. Personally, I’ve never seen it so thick, so high or so fast and all happening in one weekend. If any of the rest of you can claim bragging rights to …

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